Clearing the Path for Truth

The Need

Christians today are facing unprecedented attacks on their freedom of expression. This hostility is reflected in a number of recent legal claims handled by counsel for Center for Religious Expression, including:

  • In Minneapolis, Minnesota, a local evangelist, wants to distribute free Bibles at a Pride Fest – a popular public event that takes place in a huge public park in Minneapolis. Specifically, he wants to wear a t-shirt that says “free Bibles” and hand Bibles out. That’s it. But the festival organizer convinced the Park Board to keep him and his Bibles out of the park.
  • In Bartlett, Tennessee, a local Baptist church and their music director wanted to promote an upcoming Christmas pageant in a community shelf at the Bartlett public library. The Library Director advised the church that they could use the shelf for that purpose, but with an unusual limitation. The sheep, the cows, and goats could stay, the stable was okay, but… Joseph, Mary and especially, baby Jesus, HAD TO GO because they were considered “too religious.” 
  • In Knoxville, Tennessee, a fourth-grader was not allowed to read and discuss the Bible during recess at school. Kids could read anything else during recess; they could read American Girl doll magazines, they could read Harry Potter books, but that fourth-grader was told that he couldn't read and discuss the Bible during his free time. 
  • In Oakland, Tennessee, a gentleman was arrested for doing nothing more than handing out gospel tracts on a public sidewalk in front of Post Office. He was arrested because a postal employee did not like his message. 
  • In Nashville, Tennessee, a group of students wanted to promote the National Day of Prayer at school. They made some posters and wanted to put them on a certain wall at school set aside for the promotion of local events. But while the school confirmed that the students could put posters on the wall, they decided to make some “edits” to the posters, taking tape and covering up certain words, like “God” and “prayer,” censoring anything religious. 

Certain well-funded, secularized groups, like ACLU and Freedom From Religion Foundation, target Christian speech and ideals for censorship. If we do not stand up to these challenges with competent legal representation in the courts, they will achieve their goals, and the Christian voice will be silenced in the public square. The Center for Religious Expression will not sit idly by and let it happen, we will fight for your rights.