Clearing the Path for Truth

Path of Success

Realizing the need for Christians to retain their right to express biblically-based beliefs in the public square, Center for Religious Expression zealously defends that right in courts, relying on freedoms firmly rooted in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Because of the importance of our cases, and the far-reaching ramifications of them, we strive to provide the best possible legal representation for those we are privileged to represent. We frequently work with volunteer attorneys, and welcome their help, but we never compromise the quality of the representation in doing so. At CRE, we consistently provide what our clients and their causes deserve: outstanding representation.

By God’s grace, we will continue to receive favorable legal precedent. This is significant because precedent not only affects the parties before the court, but others as well.  Legal victories can aid Christians in every community in the country.

That’s our goal and purpose…. We look forward to the day when Christians are assured of their inalienable rights to exercise their faith, share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and express their views, so that transforming Truth may go forth throughout the world.