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Nate Kellum


Nate Kellum                                

Chief Counsel

 God’s providence in career path

Nate Kellum graduated Ole Miss law school with honors in 1988, embarking on what he believed would be an eventual partnership in a large and well-established law firm. But God had other plans, leading Nate to Tupelo, Mississippi, where Nate worked for the American Family Association as legal counsel, and represented Christians in religious liberty cases – something he never envisioned as a possibility in law school. Nate subsequently left AFA, coming back to Memphis and practicing insurance defense law, but he could never let go of his calling to religious liberty. Nate Kellum continued to defend religious expression whenever he was given the opportunity, and then, over the years, without the benefit of any marketing - besides word of mouth - more and more Christians found Nate and enlisted him for legal aid. So much so, by 2002, Nate Kellum's law practice morphed into full-time, non-profit religious liberty work, leading to the creation of the Center for Inalienable Rights, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to defending the God-given expressive rights of Christians. A couple of years later, Nate Kellum joined Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly Alliance Defense Fund) to serve as Senior Counsel and Director for the Memphis Regional Service Center. In that capacity, Nate continued to defend religious expression. Then, in 2012, the Memphis office branched off of ADF to form the Center for Religious Expression, led by Nate Kellum, CRE is an entity dedicated entirely to the protection of religious speech.

God’s provision in the courtroom of law and public opinion

Over the years, from Nate’s time at AFA, to being President of CIR, to being Senior Counsel at ADF, to now, as Chief Counsel with Center for Religious Expression, God has brought forth some extraordinary victories in the courtroom, setting important legal precedent for Christian expression. See Nate's Bio.

Nate is a frequent speaker and lecturer. He and his cases have been featured in various television and radio shows, including The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity and Colmes, Fox and Friends, and The Tony Snow show, as well as print media, like National Law Journal, Associated Press, Newsweek, Time magazine, and The Washington Post.

Nate Kellum also serves as general counsel for Life Choices, a pregnancy-help medical clinic located in Memphis, Tennessee.

For such a time as this…

Being truly humbled by what God has done in his life and career, Nate looks forward, embracing this new challenge as Chief Counsel for Center for Religious Expression. Nate Kellum is honored to be a part of this timely and critically important legal ministry that serves Christians, Christian businesses, Christian ministries, and churches, deflecting attacks on them, so they can express their faith.