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Fairfax Discriminates Against Christian Music

Fairfax, Virginia — August 24, 2017.  Today, the Center for Religious Expression (CRE) filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Shepherd’s Heart Anglican Church, against the City of Fairfax, Virginia for selectively banning the church from holding a concert in a public park because of its religious content.

Shepherd’s Heart has been worshipping in the Fairfax community for years, and wanted to host an outreach ministry to give back to the community.  To do this, they sought to hold a concert with contemporary Christian music and give away free food in Old Town Square, a focal point in the city, located only a few blocks from their church.  They were willing to go through the same process as any other group to hold an event in the square.  But, when Shepherd’s Heart requested permission, city officials refused, stating that religious music was banned from the park.  While other groups are free to hold concerts playing any music they want, Shepherd’s Heart is forbidden from playing Christian music.

CRE sent a letter to the city on the church’s behalf, pointing out the blatant discrimination and asking the city to reconsider, but it refused, citing separation of church and state.  Left with no other recourse, Shepherd’s Heart filed a lawsuit.

“The position the city has taken is not just unfounded; it violates the church’s rights, selectively banning Christian music solely because it is Christian,” said CRE Chief Counsel Nate Kellum. “Time and again, courts have recognized that there is no First Amendment justification for discriminating against the Christian viewpoint – or any other.”

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