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Hudsonville, Michigan — May 28, 2015. Today, the Center for Religious Expression (CRE) sent an information letter to the Superintendent of Hudsonville Public Schools and Principal of Hudsonville High School, requesting that they officially recognize a club on equal terms as other student clubs.

For nearly two years, a group of students at Hudsonville High School have sought recognition as an extracurricular club, to be known as the Creation Club, so they can gather and critically analyze theories about the origin of the Earth, particularly, from their own religious perspectives. But the school administration has refused to grant recognition to the student group, fearing that official recognition would lead to someone crying foul about the school “teaching creationism,” though the views would come solely from the students.

“Hudsonville High School currently recognizes a wide variety of extracurricular clubs, giving them access to bulletin boards, morning announcements, and the school website,” said CRE Chief Counsel Nate Kellum. “By refusing to recognize the Creation Club, the school singles out the club for disfavored treatment. The school treats these students like they are second class citizens in an effort to keep their club in obscurity.”

CRE’s letter explains that the school’s effort in denying the Creation Club official recognition violates the Equal Access Act and the First Amendment, discriminating against the club on the basis of the views that its members express. The letter further explains how the law requires public schools to act in a neutral and even-handed manner regarding extracurricular clubs.

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