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Huntsville, Ala. – Today, Municipal Court Judge Sybil Cleveland found Joyce Fecteau not guilty of harassment for spraying “holy water” in the direction of two pro-abortion activists last December in front of Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives in Huntsville.

Joyce Fecteau is no stranger to the area, having spent much time over the last decade on the public sidewalk in front of that abortion clinic, praying for and counseling women.  Despite being familiar with Fecteau and her peaceful activities, and the innocuous nature of the incident, the two pro-abortion activists, Lisa Cox and Katherine Norlin, swore out harassment warrants again Fecteau (a 71 year-old grandmother) leading to her criminal arrest.        

Following a two-day trial on the criminal charge of harassment, Fecteau was fully exonerated.  Video evidence showed Fecteau sprayed water to protect herself when the activists invaded her private space.  Purporting to create a “safe passage” for women into the clinic, the activists carried with them a burning smudge stick – representing a Wiccan (witch) ritual – producing smoke and a strong, nauseating smell in close proximity to Fecteau.  Fecteau tried to douse the stick with her water.     

Center for Religious Expression (CRE) assisted lead counsel Trent Garmon in the criminal defense of this case.  Kellum stated:  “Frankly, it’s silly that Ms. Fecteau was forced to go through a trial. The warrants were vindictive and invoked to intimidate Ms. Fecteau.  We’re pleased that justice and common sense prevailed in this matter.”   Kellum did not believe the ordeal would dissuade Fecteau’s counseling activities in the future.  “Not a chance.  She’s emboldened to share the truth about abortion.”            

CRE is evaluating the restrictions imposed on Ms. Fecteau and other pro-life counselors in the public areas around the abortion clinic to determine their constitutionality.     

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