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PrideFest Prejudice

Nate Kellum, Chief Counsel of the Center for Religious Expression (CRE), will represent Pastor Bill Adams today in a hearing in the Northern District of Florida, challenging city policy that keeps Adams from handing out free calendars containing a salvation message on the back on a public sidewalk bordering a city park (Seville Square) in downtown Pensacola while PrideFest – homosexual-themed event that is free and open to the public – takes place in the park.

The hearing today relates to Adams’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction, which, if granted, will allow Pastor Adams to go back to the PrideFest event this June and hand out his evangelism-based materials.

Adams only wants to share his faith at the PrideFest event. Kellum emphasized: “Pastor Adams was not there to protest or denigrate anyone. He only sought to engage in friendly discussion, while handing out free calendars and sharing his faith. His opinion cannot be banished from a public domain just because someone happens to disagree with it.”

A ruling from the federal court should come soon so that it can provide guidance to the parties for the upcoming event.