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Freedom Restored

December 2, 2012:  On this day, the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority sent a letter to CRE acknowledging Pastor [Remain unidentified for safety concerns]'s constitutional right to share his Christian faith in Bull Run Park in Manassas, Virginia during the Pakistan festival.

Fairfax County police officers stopped [Remain unidentified for safety concerns], a pastor with Jerusalem Baptist Church in Fairfax Station, from handing out water bottles and evangelistic DVDs in the park on August 26 during the 2012 Pakistan festival, claiming that the public park was “private” during the event. The stoppage interfered with the pastor’s ministry to fellow Arab-Americans. But after receiving a letter from Center for Religious Expression about the freedoms at stake, the Park Authority promised to inform police authorities of the pastor’s rights.

“We applaud the Park Authority’s prompt action in rectifying this wrong,” said Kellum.